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How We Do It

Removing radon and soil gases is accomplished by pulling the air from under your home's foundation through the sump crock or through a 3-inch cored hole and terminating the vent 12 inches above the roof line. There are different routes this system can take including passive systems, exterior systems, and interior attic systems. All systems require specialized fans to pull these gases up and away before infiltrating the home.

Passive systems are pre-piped systems in new home builds that run through the interior of the home and usually only need the fan and electric switch installed.

 Exterior systems are more common, cost efficient and allow the fan to operate on the outside of the home. 

Interior attic systems start in the lower level of the home extend through the garage and terminate above the garage attic. This system requires an attached loft garage.

This system is using the sump as its suction point to draw soil gasses and radon away from the home. This allows the fan to pull easily from every corner of the home's foundation.

This system has a 3-inch core self-suction

point and is separate from the sump.

Crawspaces are encapsulated and vented within the system or vented on their own.

It's important to note that all sumps must be sealed, have a removable view port and be completely accessible for maintenance or pump replacement.

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